Sorry for being AFK

Sorry for being AFK (away from keyboard). I haven’t written anything in awhile because believe it or not, the introvert in me was pretty overwhelmed by the flood of concerned messaged received ever since I started blogging.

Back here again because more concerned friends texted to ask if I’m okay since I haven’t updated in awhile. I’m okay guys! Thanks to everyone for checking in. I really appreciate all your love and support.

I’ve completed the 4th cycle of chemo last week. There’s a CT-PET scan at the end of this week to look at everything inside me and I’ll meet my doctor again on Tuesday to get the results of the scan and to figure out what we are going to do next.

How do you feel? That’s one of the questions that I have been getting. On the weeks that we are running chemo, the honest answer is that it can be pretty rough mainly because of the constipation. Other than that I am also a little more tired than usual and slightly nauseous and don’t really feel like interacting much with anyone.

Sorry if I ignored anyone’s text messages till much later!

One of the biggest problems that we have is that my white blood counts drop pretty drastically after every session. Low white blood counts put me at a greater risk of developing an infection. Modern medicine is pretty amazing. My onco prescribed something known as gscf to help me get around the problem of low counts. Basically, it is an injection that helps my bone marrow produce more white blood cells. It makes my bones ache a little as my bone marrow starts working overtime, but other than that it’s pretty bearable. I administer the shots on my own as it saves me the hassle of heading to the hospital every day.

gcsf shots

Erm yes….. I squish together a bit of my belly fats and poke myself. :/

The week after, my rest week, is much better. I’m more human and functional then. I don’t know how many more cycles I have left though. It really depends on how I respond along the way. Fingers crossed!

I promise to try and update a bit more frequently. Until next time, live boldly: