As tears go by

As the festive celebrations come to an end, one cannot help but realise another year has passed. As each day pass, we are often oblivious to the warm sunrise that greets us each morning, without us realising how fast time flies when we are kept occupied.

Where is home?

Home does not necessarily refer to the physical home we go back to each day. Home is about the feelings that we experience whenever we think back about our loved ones that passed away. It is about the memories that we shared. As we continue to live our lives, we will always remember the joy, laughter, smiles and sadness moments that we shared with our loved ones. These memories and events will not go away as it etches in our hearts.

As we adapt and move on with our daily routine, it’s not an easy task to ignore these memories and how we missed those moments.

It is definitely not easy, as I try to imagine the agony and anguish u felt when you knew that death was near and sooner or later you will leave all of us behind. Nevertheless, throughout your journey with cancer, you put on a good fight and was never a hindrance to the people around us.

Despite the pain that you were going through, you are always caring for others and showing concern for others, radiating a big bright smile. The strength you portrayed during this period left a lasting imprint on the people around you.

No matter how many years had passed, the memories will be treasured and always a part of us, as we continue to live our lives and try to make the best of them. Not knowing when will it be our turn and how much time we have left.

As time goes by, it feels like you never left at all.
You are always around, “popping” in and out of our dreams, our hearts and minds; triggering our emotions.

Today marks your fourth anniversary, and we will always remember what it was like having you with us. The journey we embarked on together, the laughter joy and smiles shared.

The adventures we had looking for different places locally and when overseas. The inside jokes we shared as a family, up to now still wondering “Is it half a loaf or one loaf”

It’s the time of the year that we are often overwhelmed with lots of emotions and feelings. We miss you but at the same time, we know that you are with us. Knowing that you are in a better place helps to calm our emotions. We are long past the grieving/angry/sad/painful stage.

Blissfulness vs Bereavement. Blissfulness would be a better choice as we reflect and accept your death and is glad that you didn’t have to go through the pandemic.

The smiles we share radiate the beauty in life as we will always have the uncanny feeling that you are with us. As we remember you on your death anniversary, tears start rolling down our faces as we recall the memories we had of you for the past 26 years.

If you are reading through this post and are currently experiencing occasional bloatedness, loss of appetite, or sudden weight loss, do seek medical advice before it is too late.

It takes guts to trust your gut feelings.

Trust your gut feelings and seek a second opinion if you feel that you are not well, but doctors are unable to identify what is wrong with you.

Be Bold be Brave and live our lives without regrets. It’s always better to go for it and to live to the fullest without hoping or wishing that we can go back in time and make changes to the past and future.

Everything happens for a reason, and we should reflect on how things worked out better than expected, count our blessing that we are alive and not the trials we experienced.