5 years on

18 April 2018, 1650H 5 years since I texted you 'Morning Fats' or randomly texted you during working hours just to irritate you and to make sure that you are still alive and surviving the long day at work. 5 years since I last saw your face and heard your voice. Some might say "Wow! … Continue reading 5 years on

A Birthday tribute

30th. Another milestone in life that is greatly celebrated. This post was meant to be published last year, as a tribute to you as you would have turned 30 if you were still around. It took me a whole year to finally complete this post. It was difficult as I thought about what should be … Continue reading A Birthday tribute

As tears go by

As the festive celebrations come to an end, one cannot help but realise another year has passed. As each day pass, we are often oblivious to the warm sunrise that greets us each morning, without us realising how fast time flies when we are kept occupied. Where is home? Home does not necessarily refer to … Continue reading As tears go by